Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Why use Background and On Hold Music for your company

Background Information

For many years companies have used music to help sell their products and services. Most commonly this has been in the form of a jingle, a short piece of music where the company message is played over and over so that the recipient is left with a certain memory, usually a tune mentioning the company name and slogan.

This type of advertising can be very powerful, the human auditory system allows for a great deal of unconscienous processing of information which is why we often find ourselves whistling a tune without realising it. Knowing this, companies deliberately added melodies that would stick in the listeners heads. These days jingles are still used a great deal but for those companies that do not offer a product or service that can be sold over the radio or on TV, music still plays a vital key in their sales. The most common exacmple where music plays a role is on the telephone. Dial any commerical telephone number these days and chances are you will be put on hold and when that happens you are usually met by some on hold music.

Companies have fast learnt that in order to keep their customers from putting the phone down after 5 minutes of holding they better have something to listen to and why not add a message promoting their business as well. Telephone Hold Music has become the standard way to advertise a companies extra products and services as well as promotional offers, offers of the month, etc. Although there is a great rnage of music available some companies will go with the classic "green sleeves"on hold music which usually leaves customers falling asleep on the phone. Some companies pay a MCPS/PRS licence and will play chart music but most companies go with Royalty Free Music due to its value for money and ease of use.

At we specialise in Background and On Hold Music. We currently have 3 albums:

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Jump for Joy - Childrens Music Album Now Available

Jump for Joy by Sergie Novikov
Childrens Music

This album features 11 high quality tracks which consists if many genres including Polka, Boogie Woogie, Jazz and Rag time. Every tracks is ideal for multimedia productions as well as film and TV.

Saturday, 16 December 2006 was recently published. The site specialises in Royalty Free Music, Copyright Free Music and Copyright Free Music.

Our music tracks are created and suitable for films, as Background Music for Video and Royalty Free Television Production Music, for Radio, Multimedia productions, website music, Video and PC Games, slide shows, Telephone On-hold systems, E-brochures, Corporate presentations, Podcasts, etc. Every track comes with a flexible licence and with no need for an MCPS/PRS or ASCAP licence our music can be used again and again with only the cost of the download.

All of our music tracks are produced by professional songwriters and producers working with the very latest sounds and beats to give you the highest quality, up to date compostitions for your productions. offer a vast Royalty Free Music, Copyright Free Music and Background Music Library of high quality productions music, buyout music, film & TV music, On-Hold Music and music which can be used in all aspects of multimedia producitons and displays. The royalty free music and Production Music found in our music library are taken from a huge selection of musical genres. With selections from the much more tradional Classical and Orchestral right through to mainstream Hip Hop and RnB as well as the standard Rock and Pop, Dance, Trance, Chill-out and Ambient musical styles covered. Every track composed for the music library has been done so with specific empashis on quality and useability in the industry. As companies are constantly looking for ways to increase their sales they arer looking for more and more way to deliver their message. By incorporating music into their advertising whether through a telephone hold system, corporate presentations, elevator music, etc companies realise that music can play a vital part in promoting their company brand and objectives.
At we realise that in an age where MP3 and downloading music is growing at a huge rate by offering downloadable music copyright free companies can profilt from the instant nature of the download. Where other competitors offer a CD package which only raises the price of the deal we offer Downloadable Music Copyright Free that means a company can be working on its projects immeditaley without the tedium of waiting for the post to be delveired and the hassle of a scratched CD.

Royalty Free Music has also become increasingly important in the field of film making. With the ease at which a film may be produced now, low budget film-makers simply cannot meet the huge cost of having a film scored and are thus turing to Copyright Free Download able Music as a much more cost effective answer. In addditon, TV & Video production companies have been utilising royalty free music for many years as Background music for video, Royalty Free Television Production Music and Background Music Clips in all of their audio/visual productions.